quinta-feira, setembro 07, 2017

Antes que caía o Carmo e a Trindade aqui algumas considerações enviadas hoje à Comissão Europeia que reflectem em linhas gerais o que penso deveria ser a Europa e os passos para a construir.
Mas continuamos na brincadeira....
To frame a sustainable energy path, meaning a global pricing policy, to overcome the Iberian blocks and to stop granting nuclear and coal as it has been done for decades. Implement policies to develop micro-generation as well as local alternatives, geothermal, solar, wind as well as the recovery of wastes.
To create an energy tax that overcomes the other taxes, and discriminate the fossil with a CO2 tax additionally.
Integrate in the global agreements the environmental cost as well as create discrimination toward products being made with slave or child work and as well when coming from countries with gender discrimination.
Rise Europe as intolerant with the break of human rights and including gender and sexual discrimination and promote trade with values.
Promote a reform of the european framework, namely electing the European Parliament with real powers, be it on the budget be it on social matters and the rule of the law. End with the power of the Council and let the new E.P. have constitucional power to buildup a new Europe, be it necessary to restart with less members ( countries). Having an european government issued and responding to the European Parliament being the goal to achieve.
Empowering the people, the petition rights and a new chamber ( only) with consultive powers integrating the main social and civil organization and as well elected members from the national parliaments.
Reduce the European bureaucracy and namely the number of languages in use at european level, keeping them only for a small number of items Suggestion english, spanish, french and german.
Reinforce the international/ european tribunals, namely on civil rigths and the access to them.
É claro que não são senão tópicos, cada um dos quais podia, devia merecer três ou quatro páginas numa primeira abordagem.Mas este foi no limite de palavras....
Mas nada disto serve senão para auto-gratificação (as palavras que vamos encontrar) dado que nada disto serve sequer para leitura e menos para discussão...

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